Sammy the Snapper

About Sammy

NZ Uniforms are mindful of our footprint on the environment and are continually working towards ways to reduce this.


Our goal is to be as sustainable as we possibly can within the environment that we operate in.


This year we introduced Sammy the Snapper who is the NZ Uniforms Sustainability Ambassador.


Sammy has been instrumental in the design and sourcing of the new NZU paper shopping bags which will soon be used by our retail stores.


We are also continually working with our supply partners to ensure packaging is as minimal, and uses as much recycled and recyclable materials, as possible.


NZ Uniforms are continually looking for ways to work with our staff, customers and supply partners on our sustainability policy and practices.


Here’s a brief word from Sammy:


Hi my name is Sammy Snapper.


I’m the new fish on the block in the Sustainability Department at NZ uniforms.

What do you think my first job was?? You guessed it – get rid of those plastic shopping bags.

I don’t want my mates in the ocean to be hurt by those nasty bags.

That’s a good start for day 1 on the job I reckon!






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